Wee Baby 752 Practical Manual Breast Pump

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Product Details

Product Details:

  • With breastfeeding, an undefined bond is established between the mother and the baby.
  • Regular breastfeeding sessions are applied for the health of both the baby and the mother.
  • However, mothers who are overdrawn live in great distress despite their adequate breastfeeding.
  • Accumulated milk; In addition to chest pain, it causes chest infections and many diseases.
  • Mothers who have to work with the same problems also live.
  • At this point, the healthiest choice will be milking more milk.
  • The milking pumps you will use for this will be effective.
  • Wee Baby Practical Manual Breast Pump will massage your milk while at the same time it will massage.
  • The milk pump that provides natural flow, one-hand controlled practical mechanism allows you to milk your baby comfortably and keep your baby healthy breastfeeding.
  • Drip-shaped embossed breast pad; Massages the chest, makes comfortable milking.
  • Practical one-handed milking pump.
  • It is used as a feeding bottle with bottle cap.
  • Wee Baby breast massage pad is silicone natural material, tasteless and odorless. The silicone used is smooth and transparent; easy to clean and do not stick.
  • BPA-free raw materials were used in production in accordance with FDA standards.
  • Can be Sterilized.
  • 1x150 ml
  • How to use and what should be considered?
  • Sterilize your hands and chest before starting the procedure.
  • Your nipples should be facing outward.
  • It may be useful for you to massage your breast with your hands before you use the product, or to stimulate the milk glands to wrap with a hot damp towel.
  • Make sure that all parts are fully assembled before use.
  • Your chest and pump must be completely dry.
  • Make sure your chest is fully seated in the silicone adapter of the pump.
  • There should be no gap between the pump and the chest.
  • You can tilt slightly forward to speed up the milk flow.
  • Fast and frequent pumping in the first use can provide a more comfortable drain. (In caesarean deliveries, you can keep this time longer because there is a chest blockage).
  • When the milk in your chest decreases, move to the other chest and perform the same procedure.
  • You can give your baby the milk that is accumulated in the bottle number 1 bottle by removing the bottle from the pump and using the bottle apparatus in the box.
  • You can store the milk in a sterile container in the refrigerator for 24 hours and in the freezer for 3 months.
  • To warm the milk, place the bottle in hot water and shake it before use.
  • Do not heat the milk in the microwave. Do not put the heated milk back into the refrigerator or freezer and consume within 24 hours.

  • General Features
    Brand Wee Baby
    Stock code EWE-752
    Origin Turkey

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