Nuby Easy Grip PP Training Cup with Straw 300 ml Pink

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Product Description

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Product Details

  • This fun Flip-It cup is perfect for when your child is drinking from a straw or learning about it.
  • Your little athlete will love to drink from this Easy Grip PP Practice Cup with Straw.
  • Thanks to the glass's easy-to-turn straw and easy-to-open lid, there is no leakage.
  • Non-spill pipette? TRUE! The straw has a built-in valve that only allows liquid to flow when the child applies pressure. This Vari-Flo system allows your child to control the flow rate himself.
  • The lid keeps the straw clean when the Nuby cup is not in use. This cup is suitable for use by children 12 months and older. Available in 4 fun color combinations.
  • Soft silicone Flip-It No-Spill straw, shut-off valve, easy to clean; The Vari-Flo system allows the baby to control the flow rate.
  • It is assorted.

General Features
Brand Nuby
Stock code NBY-ID9801
Origin China

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