Soft Tip Baby Spoon 2 pcs Pink

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Belgin Bilgin  6 ay kız bebeği var

Bebeğim 6 aylık ve ek gıdaya yeni başladık. Püreye bastırıp kaşığa alıyorum ve bebeğimin eline veriyorum kaşığı. Kendisi götürüyor ağzına. Normal bebek kaşığı yetişkinin bebeği beslemesi sırasında iyi ama bu kaşık bebeğe kendi kendini besleme şansı veriyor. Diş kaşıyıcı gibi olduğu için henüz çıkmamış dişleri için de iyi bence. Bu rengini almıştım. Diğer rengini de alacağım. Başka renk var mı ebebek, mycey ?

Product Details

Product Details:

  • In the transition period of our babies to solid food, we feed them by making them puree all the food.
  • Yet we must allow them to feed themselves fast and for their safe development.
  • Thanks to the special design of your baby's hands sitting in the hands of the Soft-Ended Puree Spoon is now very easy to eat.
  • Thanks to the flat head with no right direction, all babies can easily enjoy their own food and taste without eating spoon.
  • Designed for purees and less dense foods.
  • Thanks to the large handle designed for small hands, it grasps easily.
  • He keeps his food to his side.
  • Puree for easy feeding
  • Warranty Conditions: Defective products resulting from manufacturing defects are replaced with new ones.
  • Benefit for Mother - Father: Thanks to the special design of your baby's hands sitting in the hands of the soft-tipped Spoon Spoon feeding is now very easy. Thanks to the flat head with no right direction, all babies can easily enjoy their own food and taste without eating spoon. Designed for purees and less dense foods.
  • Cleaning Information: It should be washed and rinsed with warm soapy water before and after each use. You can also wash the dishwasher's fork-spoon. Do not boil or place in sterilizer.
  • Age Range: 6 months

  • General Features
    Brand Mycey
    Stock code MYC-M06210-NC
    Origin Turkey

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