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Product Details

  • It is a development book with expert information from Family Counselor Hatice Kübra Tongar, in which child raising techniques are explained without shouting.

Promotional Bulletin:

When I was little, beating, insulting, shouting at children was considered 'normal' parenting behavior. When families did this to their children, they would not have the feelings of regret, remorse, or making up for the mistake that today's mothers experience. Because that was the period of 'who doesn't beat his daughter beats his knee', 'beating is out of heaven'. That's how they learned. Punishment had to be given when the child made a mistake, and the greater the punishment, the better. For example, beating a child meant 'look, this behavior is so wrong, I'm beating you, I'm hurting you so you don't do it again'.

The irony of the matter is that when we look back, we can remember the times when mothers or fathers beat us, yelled at us, made us feel humiliated, but we do not remember why they did it – that is, the lesson they wanted to teach. I'm sure you guys feel certain things too: The lesson the parent wanted to teach is forgotten. Only the cold memories of the beatings suffered and the scoldings heard remained.

This is exactly what this book was written for. So that when our children look back after years, they feel the warmth of a mother who touched their hearts rather than the coldness of a slap on their cheeks...

  • Number of Pages: 176 Pages
  • Book Size: 16x24 cm

General Features
Brand Microlife
Stock code HAY-77117
Origin Turkey

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