Mamajoo Double Breast Pump & Nursing Set

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Product Details

Product Details:

Mamajoo Double Breast Pump & Breastfeeding Set; It includes 4 different products that are carefully selected and high quality to meet the needs of new mothers.

1. Mamajoo Thermal Bag:
  • With Mamajoo Thermal Bag, which is made of phthalate-free, wipeable, water / liquid impermeable fabric, you can keep breast milk, baby's food and food for a few hours as hot/cold.
  • As the protection time can vary depending on the ambient and air temperature, you can extend the cold preservation time with ice gel packs.
  • With Mamajoo Thermal Bag, you can store and carry your breastfeeding and feeding products in a clean and safe way, such as breast pump, breast milk storage container and baby bottles.
  • You can also put small items such as diapers, wet wipes and aprons in the front eye and inside the net.
  • With its adjustable shoulder strap, Mamajoo Thermal Bag provides ease of transport for traveling.
  • 2. Mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump:
  • The Mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump provides a silent, easy and fast milking while providing effective shooting as a hospital breast pump.
  • As it is in breastfeeding, it begins to work in massage mode, stimulates the secretion of milk secretion, and when milk starts to come to shooting mode, milking is started.
  • When choosing milk, the most convenient and convenient speed can be easily selected by pressing +/- for the rhythm.
  • It offers a total of 20 steps (8 different massage & 12 different shots) for single/double use.
  • The desired massage and shooting mode and step options are at your fingertips and you do not have to move the pump away from your chest when changing these options.
  • New mothers who have a nipple problem can also milk in massage mode.
  • Its small size and weight of 170 g make it an ideal solution for mothers who can be transported easily and can work with PC, powerbank or car cigarette lighter when needed.
  • It offers two different usage options as single and double.
  • Pressing the On / Off key once starts the single pump in the massage & shooting mode.
  • The process can be monitored from LED indicators.
  • Thanks to the advanced microprocessor technology, it automatically turns off after 30 minutes and stores the end-use settings in the memory.
  • The Mamajoo Breast Storage Container is milked at home, in the workplace or during travel and offers the convenience of feeding the baby directly as the product can turn into a pepper.
  • If desired, the mouth of the storage container can be covered with Mamajoo Closure Ring and stored in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • 3. Mamajoo Silicone Chest Tip Protector Set:
  • Made of high-quality silicone free from bisphenol-A, the Mamajoo Silicone Nipple Protector Kit protects the nipple or cracked nipples during breastfeeding, and helps to keep the mother from continuing to breastfeed during this problematic period. In this way, the baby does not stop sucking the mother's breast and when the tenderness has passed, it continues to suck again easily from the mother's breast.
  • The Mamajoo Silicone Nipple Protector Kit, which is specially shaped to make the baby feel more like her skin and mother's skin, has also been designed with lint-free edges around the lips to give the baby more feeling in the mother's breast.
  • 4. Mamajoo Elegant Ultra Absorbent Disposable Breast Pad:
  • Disposable Mamajoo Elegant Ultra Absorbent Breast Pad provides hygienic hygiene in sensitive mother's breast while preventing clothes from getting wet and staining.
  • Mamajoo Ultra Absorbent Breast Pads With a 13 cm width, 90ml high suction capacity, silky texture, ultra-absorbent gel and ultra slim structure, it provides dryness for a long time from many chest pads.
  • It is the ideal product for day and night use since it has 4 layer structure which provides completely dryness with one way suction technology and the outer surface which prevents leakage.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance:
  • Check regularly that the air tubing connections are properly seated and that the membrane filters are not worn.
  • Mamajoo pump motor unit and Mamajoo Thermal Bag are cleaned only with a damp cloth.
  • Do not use polishing, abrasive or antibacterial materials to clean the product.
  • Pump mechanical parts and milk storage containers can be washed in a dishwasher, boiling in water for 5 minutes, or sterilized using a Mamajoo Sterilizer.
  • Package Included:
  • 1 x Mamajoo Thermal Bag
  • 1 x Mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump
  • 1 x Mamajoo Silicone Chest Tip Protector
  • 1 x Mamajoo Elegant Ultra Chest Pad Pack
  • Applicable European Standard: 2002/61 EC, 2005/84 / EC, 2002/61 EEC, EN 14362-1 / 2: 2003, EN14372: 2004/15777

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    Brand Mamajoo
    Stock code MMJ-3282
    Origin Turkey

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