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ebebek History, which was founded by Halil Erdoğmuş to inform parents about infant care, continues to serve parents since 2001.

ebebek has set out to offer all kinds of information, service and friendship to the conscious families who are considering to have a baby, waiting for a baby and raising their baby. has been developed to ensure that the products needed in baby care are provided in a fast, practical and convenient condition. is Turkey's first online store in baby products. Following the success of its website, ebebek has switched to physical merchandising by applying 'click to brick' business model that is quite rare in the world.

ebebek is an organization that strives to think of everything for the happiness of babies and families with the awareness that the only need of families is not the physical needs of the baby. ‘Babylogy’ is the science of understanding and explaining the baby. Therefore, ebebek does not consider its employees only as salespersons and does not name them as sales consultants or customer representatives. ebebek sees them as baby experts who share their expertise and interests.

Bebeveyn, A parent is someone who accompanies the development process and takes care by learning.