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History founded by a new father, Halil Erdoğmuşin need for acquiring information on baby care has continued to serve mothers and fathers and parents-to-be for 15 years

ebebekstarted off to provide whatever kind of information, service and friendship expecting parents as well as new parents need. Later on was developed to provide fast, practical and affordable baby care is Turkey’s first online store for baby products. Following the success of the internet site, ebebek has become one of the few examples in the world to implement a “click to brick” business model and transition to a physical store

With the awareness that baby’s physical necessities are not the only concern of families, ebebek strives to address every small detail for the happiness of babies and families. ebebek defines its philosophy as “babyology”. Within the framework of babyology, ebebek provides not only its products but also experience and expertise. To that end, ebebek views its staff to be more than sales personnel thus refrains from labeling them as sales consultant or customer representative. ebebek sees them as babyologs who share their expertise and interest.

Likewise, ebebek defines mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, grandmother and grandfathers, in short everyone that visit ebebek and consult the babyologs as b-parents.