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Social Responsibility

Social Responsability
Human Health: Smoking

For 10 years, all of our employees, both in our stores and in our head office, consist of individuals who do not smoke in their private lives. Our aim with this application as ebebek is; to draw attention to the right of babies to live in smoke-free airspace, to visit our stores, to respect the fragrance sensitivities of our parents and to work with individuals who are aware of a healthy life.

Support to Celebral Palsy (Steptember)

Turkey Spastic Children's Foundation provides diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and education service for children and adults with cerebral palsy. It is an association that is established to try to help them have the necessary activities and efforts in order to bring them to life, be able to meet the needs of their children and families, and gain more place in social life.

We support the Steptember organization that took place in September every year. We take ten thousand steps every day during September through the international social responsibility project of ebebek and collect donations for young people from the people around us.

Working with Young People with Down Syndrome

In the project that we have carried out in cooperation with the Down Syndrome Association aiming to provide equal opportunity them in the society, the young people with Down Syndrome are working actively both in our center and our stores.

Hello to Life with Down Syndrome Association

We welcome the first needs of newborn babies with Down Syndrome with our Lifestyle Hello packages that we prepare for the Down Syndrome Association, a non-governmental organization established to work towards improving the perception of disability of the society, to enable individuals with Down syndrome to establish an independent, productive and socially integrated life. For families with children with Down syndrome from 0 to 12 months, we are sending Welcome packages with the Down Syndrome Association to congratulate their babies coming to the world.

Project of Bebekoloji in Anatolia

We have been conducting Bebekoloji Meetings in 2018 and we are performing our Bebekoloji activity every month in shopping centers in different cities of Anatolia. It is our biggest expectation to bring our parents together with specialist doctors who have difficulty in reaching our children in various provinces of Anatolia. We continue to meet mothers and mother candidates.

Mimar Sinan University Textile and Fashion Department Students and ebebek Cooperation

We have realized a valuable social responsibility project with the projects prepared by the students with the cooperation of Mimar Sinan University Textile and Fashion Department students and ebebek. 12 talented students have made various creations for about 1 year, and as a result of our cooperation, 12 themes that students draw with their imagination came to life in baby clothes and opened to public with a fashion show in Mimar Sinan University.

We, as ebebek, met the various needs of the university and contributed to the education of our students. At the same time, we have enabled young people to have the opportunity to experience the business world by allowing them to demonstrate their talents.

Tider Cooperation

We provide the necessary support by addressing the issue of poverty of childeren with Tider, a non-profit NGO that works to ensure that people reach their basic needs in a fair and equal way. Within the scope of the project, as Mamajoo, Tider and ebebek, when our parents buy from the selected Mamajoo products, we also offer a bottle or pacifier to a baby in need through Tider. At the same time, we make 10 donations to Tider by means of ebebek and we also support the same amount of donations.