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ebebek Solution Oriented Leadership Principles

1-Adopts and introduces the philosophy of babyology

ebebek employees take the philosophy of babyology as company's priority and act according to the wishes and expectations of parents. ebebek tries to think like a parent to understand them, and focuses on this in all its actions and decisions.

2-Always sees the big picture and is future-oriented

ebebek employees know where the company wants to go to, where they see their goals clearly, and in order to go to this goal, they see their responsibilities not only in their job but also in other jobs and they are open to ideas and support from different departments. When they put a brick on top of a brick they know that they have built a large structure, they work by imagining the final structure of the building.

3-Open new ideas and suggestions without sacrificing simplicity

ebebek employees try to understand and support new ideas and suggestions that will carry ebebek to the future by not giving up on the principle of simplicity. They follow the news and innovations closely, always update themselves and their teams by simplifying the complexity and manage the change.

4-Cold-blooded and patient

ebebek employees feed themselves on their future goals first in order to realize their dreams. In order to achieve these goals, they take their words with determination, patience and perseverance, without hesitation, without rush, in a cold-blooded manner.

5-Always a student and a teacher

ebebek employees are always open and enthusiastic to learn, question the today to do better, learn the essence of the business first in the field to get to know the needs of the family better and discover their needs. They believe that the best way of learning is through teaching others what they know and never get out of their tutor's hat. For the continuation of the learning organization, regardless of the position they are in, they try to select the best skills appropriate to the corporate culture, and it plays an active role in the upbringing of these people.

6-Always focuses on better

ebebek employees know that better is an unending journey and behave accordingly. While doing a job, they avoid acting with assumptions, use numerical data, conduct a systematic analysis, grasp the cause and effect relationships and reach the conclusion. Act with sustainable environmental awareness by using limited resources efficiently.

7-Passionate and sincere

ebebek employees do their job with passion, sincerely work with the efforts of transferring these passions to their teams and their environment. They are energetic, do not just delegate work at the desk, get on to the pitch and get involved personally.

8-Act with the awareness of We

ebebek employees never say "I know" but work by the admission "we know and we can". They are humble, kind and constructive. They do not try to prove themselves right when there is a clash of ideas but make effort to find the solution and build a consensus. They appreciate the success of others.

9-Good listener

ebebek employees strive to be an active listener. They believe that the precondition for agreement and good communication is to be a good listener. They develop their teams in this direction and create a culture where listening and understanding are vital.

10-In any case encountered, they look for their responsibilities first

ebebek employees are responsible individuals. They do not seek to blame someone, and produce excuses and reasons when they encounter problems. They first focus on their responsibilities regarding the problem, and take this as an opportunity to learn from mistakes and choose to find a solution with a constructive approach. When they make a mistake in their current works, they accept their mistakes by virtue and takes this as a learning.