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Terms and Conditions

Terms Of Use User Agreement Information Form

Dear User;

By logging into our website and / or by providing membership, you agree to the following terms and to the conditions of our Privacy Statement. Both your rights and the obligations you bear with being an user/member, are set forth in the following information sheets and in a comprehensive manner in the respective contracts. For this reason, we advise you to examine each case and the contract in detail, if necessary, consult with your lawyer.
Apart from that, for all kinds of problems;

• You can review the Help section on our website at,
• You can send us your questions in writing via the Contact section on our website,
• You can get immediate answers to any problems by reaching us from our phone number 0216 325 11 11 or from our email address between 09: 00-20: 00 hours.

As a user of, you agree in advance to the following terms and conditions.

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") has been made electronically between Enucuz Pazarlama Turizm Reklam ve Telekomünikasyon Ticaret A.Ş. (hereinafter referred to as "ebebek") based in Adilbey Sok. No:4 Küçük Çamlıca Mah. 34700 Üsküdar İstanbul address and the User ("User") who states that that have read, understood and confirm all provisions and has no objections regarding these provisions by signing up the website with domain name and/or viewing the Website and/or benefiting from the advantages of the Website (ebebek and the User will be together referred to as "Parties")


The following terms, conditions and legal responsibilities must be read carefully before using the Website. The user should not use the Website if the specified conditions are not suitable for them. Using the website and filling out the form with personal information means that the conditions there have been accepted in advance without objection.
e-bebek reserves the right to update and / or modify the content of this Agreement at any time. For this reason it is recommended that users visit this legal warning page on every visit to the Website.
The provider of the Products on the Website and the Website are independent and separate real persons and legal entities and are not agencies, branches or associates of the provider, representer and / or the trademark owner of the products offered in the form of e-bebek, brand. ebebek is not liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by reason of breach of contract, tort or any other reason arising out of the use of the website, any information on the Website or any other data program etc.

For any problem outside the scope of this contract;

- You can review the "Help" section on the website,
- You can send us your questions in writing via the "Contact" section on the site,
- You can get an immediate response to any problems by contacting us from our phone number 0216 325 11 11 or e-mail address between 09: 00-20: 00 hours.


The subject of this Agreement is the determination of the terms and conditions of use of the products and services offered on the Site and the rights and obligations of the parties. Scope of this Contract; These are statements such as warnings, texts and explanations by e-bebek regarding the use, membership and products contained within the Site by the Agreement. By accepting the provisions of this Agreement, the User agrees to any declaration made by the e-bebek regarding the use, membership and products contained within the Site. The user accepts and declares in advance that he/she will act in accordance with all the matters mentioned in the declarations.



2.1. Incorrect, irregular, incomplete and misleading information which contains statements that are not in conformity with the general moral code, and which violate the laws of the Republic of Turkiye shall not be recorded on the Site.

2.2. Will not be able to copy the content in whole or in part of the site without permission.

2.3 User is directly responsible for any damages that may be caused by the sharing of information such as user name, password etc. given to him/himself or his/her own usage rights with third parties or organizations and use of this information by persons other than himself/herself. User acknowledges that ebebek has no liability in this respect.

2.4. He/she will not use personal information such as IP address, e-mail address, username belonging to someone else. Likewise, he/she will not access or attempt to access other users' private information without permission. The User hereby agrees in advance that any legal or criminal liability arising from any use in this manner is his/her own responsibility.

2.5. Shall not use or attempt to use software that will not be in any activity that threatens the security of the Site or that will prevent the operation of the Site and the software used.

2.6. Have already given consent to any e-mail that can be sent by the Site.

2.7. Without the prior written consent of the Website, he/she cannot transfer this Agreement or its rights and obligations under this Agreement, User information, in whole or in part, to any third party; cannot provide Membership access to other people. In case of such transfers or unauthorized use, user will be liable directly and / or indirectly in any way for any damages or harms to the third party. Membership of the user, whose is determined to have used or transferred its membership to another person, is revoked.

2.8. The User will not use malicious software, code or similar actions that may obstruct or restrict the use of the Site by other Users and 3rd parties. In the event of the user being involved in such action, the User shall be indemnified for damages incurred to ebebek, other Users or third parties.

2.9.User agrees that ebebek will not be liable for any infringement of the nature of the infringing software, viruses, and other items, unless such infringement is caused by intentional and / or gross negligence by ebebek due to harmful software, viruses and other items user may be exposed to during use of the Site. User has agreed in advance to ensure that his/her own system will be provided with protection systems from viruses and similar malware.

3.THE RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF INC. ‘’Enucuz Pazarlama Turizm Reklam Tel. Tic. A.Ş’’

3.1.ebebek has the right to investigate and disclose personal information about the user if any electronic sabotage prevents the other user from operating the site, the detection of an attempt and/or interference by the site or the site to interfere with the gains of third parties, or a criminal prosecution against the user or official request from the authorities.

3.2. ebebek may make unilateral changes to this Agreement without notice to the user if necessary.

3.3. ebebek has the right to suspend the service unilaterally at any time, without any justification, either permanently or temporarily, changing the content and presentation of the service. If there is any change, e-bebek will publish the current usage conditions under the same link with the new date update and if necessary will notify the users by e-mail. The renewed current terms of use will be effective from the moment of publication on the site and use of the site will be subject to renewed terms of use from then on.

3.4. ‘e-bebek’ may provide links to other web sites, portals, or files owned by third parties that are not directly or indirectly controlled by the site. These links can be shared for advertising, reference, etc. purposes without the consent of its owner. ebebek does not provide any guarantee of the contents of the links and the services and products provided in the portals or web sites accessed through these links, and e-bebek has no responsibility in this regard.

3.5. When necessary, ebebek has the right to cancel the user's membership and / or to block access to the Site.

3.6. No advertisement, announcement or other information contained on the site or transmitted by telephone, SMS, e-mail or other means does not imply acceptance of e-bebek having any commitment in this respect. Any announcements and other information contained in the site or transmitted by other means shall be deemed to be subject to subsequent approval and acceptance of the e-bebek and shall not be interpreted as the requirement that the e-bebek is required to enter into a contract with the user.


4.1. The visual and written content presented on the site is for personal use. The site's; all rights, including design, domain name, logo, icon, demonstration, written, electronic, graphic or machine readable form, encoder, applied sales system, business method and business model belongs to ebebek and is used under a license right bought from a third party.

4.2. The User shall not distribute, sell, display or reproduce the information published on the Site, the copyrighted subject matter and works of the e-bebek; In this context no other work can be derived. It is prohibited to post any item from this site, in any other medium or on the internet site or to link without prior permission of e-bebek.

4.3. The software used to design the database and to create the database belongs to e-bebek. The copying or use of the software is strictly prohibited. e-bebek reserves all kinds of tangible and intangible property rights to trademarks, trade names, "know-how" including Site, Products published on the Site, information and copyrights and related works.


5.1. The information of the users visiting the site (time of visit, time, date, pages viewed) are being tracked with the aim of better serving the users. This information is shared with the companies that the Site cooperates with and will be used to expand and improve the content by adhering to the Privacy Rules. The purpose here is to improve the experience and Site’s offers to its users.

5.2. Once the user has completed the necessary fields for registration and confirmed the e-mail address, the user may start using the Site by entering his/her e-mail address and password in accordance with the conditions set forth in this agreement.

5.3. The User agrees to comply with any announcements and notices issued by the Site, as well as all relevant legislative provisions, when utilizing the Site. Any and all legal, criminal and financial liability arising out of these notices and unlawful use shall belong to the User.

5.4. In the event that the User is found not to comply with any obligations and / or any other conditions and notifications to the Site as set forth in this Agreement; The User's use of the Site may be prevented and / or terminated by the e-bebek periodically or indefinitely.

5.5. The User may not engage in any action that prevents or complicates the use of the site by other Users and Visitors, and may not enforce or lock down servers or databases with automatic programs. He/she cannot engage in cheating attempts. He/She accepts the termination of membership and any legal or criminal liability arising therefrom.

5.6. It is the responsibility of the user and is recommended by the e-bebek to take backup of the physical or electronic correspondence carried out with the site. e-bebek cannot be held responsible for the loss, deletion or deletion of the backups of the correspondence.

5.7. The user may not delete or remove notes, phrases and / or marks relating to any rights protected or unprotected by copyright, trademark or Intellectual Property Act, on any material copied and / or printed on the Site.

5.8. Membership cancellation and account deletion can be done by the User on the Site. The user who has completed his / her membership will be denied access to the Site. The person who has canceled the membership accepts that this process is irreversible.

5.9. The decisions regarding the contents of any terminated account by either its user or the Site belongs to ebebek. The user cannot claim any right or compensation for the deleted records.

5.10. The relationship of Site users to each other or to third parties is the personal responsibility of the person.

5.11. The site may contain links or references to other internet sites that are not under its control. ebebek is not responsible for the content of these sites or any other links they contain.

5.12. In certain places in the site, it is possible to specify different rules and obligations. Persons and organizations using these sections are deemed to have accepted these rules in advance.

5.13. Please read the "Privacy Policy" section about the measures we take to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our users, and our general policy on this subject.

5.14. The User acknowledges that all the provisions of this Agreement have been accepted by the Site as of the commencement of use, and agrees that the contract will express itself. The User agrees to indemnify all damages incurred to e-bebek due to the actions contrary to his/her obligations under this Agreement. E-bebek has the right to recourse to the User for any indemnity and / or administrative / judicial penalty that ebebek may have to pay to public institutions and / or third parties due to user’s acts contrary to the Contract.


6.1. ebebek may use the User information located on the Site, User profiles and other information and content uploaded by the Users to the system in such a manner as to comply with security obligations, and for some statistical evaluations. These information can be classified and maintained on a database.

6.2. e-bebek can make various announcements and notifications to the contact addresses declared by the user. User has given consent beforehand that e-bebek may send various notices, announcements and notifications to the communication addresses that he / she has declared, send e-mail and SMS, and notify by other means of communication. In order for the user to unsubscribe from these notices the user shall notify e-bebek Customer Service. The user will be able to use the "unsubscribe" link in all emails sent by e-bebek to leave the '' e-mail newsletter. To unsubscribe from SMS membership, bulletin settings will be available on the "My Private" page upon entering as a member.

6.3. e-bebek may disclose the information about the User to the relevant authorities within the framework of the responsibilities prescribed by the legal regulations. Additionally, the user's membership and/or contact they have provided during the exchange of information (phone, address, e-mail) and other personal information, site registration process, updating, and the various products and services can be provided by ebebek and suppliers and sales of products and services, costs and expenses , collections and various promotional, advertising, promotional, communication, sales and carding applications may be stored, processed, used, shared with third parties for certain fee or free of charge, and may be used within ebebek and specified organizations.


The User shall be bound by all the provisions of this Agreement and be bound by these terms from the moment user completes and approves the registration form and / or receives any services or orders using this system. The contract will automatically terminate without any further notice by the end of your membership or the occurrence of any of the annulment cases referred to in this Agreement.


In all cases of legitimate force majeure, e-bebek is not liable for late or incomplete or non-performance of any of the acts set forth in the present Contract. These and such circumstances shall not be deemed as delay, incomplete performance or failure to perform or default for the e-bebek, or compensation shall not be claimed under any name from the e-bebek. Terms will be defined as "force majeure" terrorism, natural disaster, riot, war, strike, communication problems, infrastructures and internet failures (3rd person entry into e-bebek information system, computer virus, change of site content outside information of e-bebek, copy etc.) unavoidable events that the party cannot avoid without reasonable control and even if the e-bebek has the necessary discretion including but not limited to, interruption of electricity and bad weather conditions.


Turkish law shall apply in the application, interpretation and administration of legal contracts arising under this Agreement. In the event of any dispute arising out of or relating to this Contract, the courts of jurisdiction specified in the provisions of the relevant law in accordance with the legal status of the parties are authorized.


The use of a right or authority alone or in part does not preclude the subsequent use of this or any other right or authority, such as the fact that ebebek does not mean that he or she has waived the right or authority to exercise or delay exercise any rights or powers that he has under the contract.


Hereby Contract will remain in effect until the membership of User is cancelled and will continue to have Provisions and results between the parties. The expiration of the membership period of the user shall be deemed to have come to an end if the membership is interrupted temporarily or permanently.


12.1. The e-mail address that the user submits to the Site shall be deemed to be the e-mail address for which the legal address shall be required for any notice relating to this contract.

12.2. Any notification made using the registered e-mail address of the user shall be deemed received by the user 1 (one) day after the e-mail is sent by e-bebek.


The User acknowledges, and accepts that she/he has read, understood and acknowledged and guarantees the accuracy of the information he/she has provided about himself/herself .