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This form below that we display to you as Ebebek Mağazacılık Anonim Şirketi includes all the details to use your right as a data owner to apply easily in line with 11th article of Law of Protection of Personal Data (PPD) no.6698. Therefore, we kindly ask you to print and fill this form while you are using your right to apply regarding your personal details and deliver to us via stated methods at the end of the form.

    1. Contact details of the applicant





ID Number


Mobile Number


E-mail address (fill this if you wish to receive your results via e-mail)


Postal Address


    2. Please inform us with the relationship you have with our company

(such as client, visitor, partner, job candidate, former employee, third party employee, shareholder and so on)

  • client
  • ebebek member
  • visitor
  • partner
  • supplier

  • Name of the;

former employee: ………………………………………….

job candidate: ………………………………………….

of our company which you are in contact.

  • Department:
  • Subject:
  • The date that I applied:
  • Other:

    3. Information regarding selection of the right that will be used by the personal data owner

Please fill the boxes next to subjects that you want to be informed:

□ Is my data being processed before your company?

□ If my data is being processed before your company, then I request further information on processing activity.

□ If my data is being processed before your company, I want to be informed about the purpose of the activity and want to know if this activity is performed in accordance with its purpose.

□ Is my data being transferred to third parties both upcountry and overseas? If it is so, I want to be informed on these third parties.

□ I believe that causes of my personal data to be processed do no longer exist. Therefore, I want my personal data to be:



□ I want third parties to be informed if my data is being processed deficiently or incorrectly by your company.

□ I demand the compensation of my loss due to illegal processing of my personal data.

    4. Please inform us in detail regarding your request on your personal data:

(Send the related information and documents supporting your request)


    5. Method of delivering the result of your application (Please choose the way in which you want your result to be delivered to you)

__ I want it to be sent to my postal address.

__ I want it to be sent to my e-mail.

__ I want it to be delivered by hand.

(In case of delivery by proxy, notarial letter of attorney and certificate of authority are required.)

    6. Methods that application form can be sent:

(If you apply in the name of someone else, please attach documents showing that you are authorized to apply such as document showing that you are the custodian or guardian of the personal data owner (e.g. warrant of attorney)

  • Personal Application; sending the copy of the form with wet-ink signature to “İçerenköy Mahallesi Değirmen Yolu Caddesi No:37 D:6 PK: 34752 Ataşehir / İstanbul” by hand or via notary, while writing “Information Request on Protection of Personal Data Law” on envelope
  • or:

  • Sending to with “Information Request on Protection of Personal Data Law” written on the subject section after signing with secure electronic signature which is described in Law of Electronic Signature no.5070


I declare that all the information provided on hereby application form is correct; and accept that Ebebek Mağazacılık Anonim Şirketi has the right to request further information and document to eliminate the legal risks that can derive from illegal and unjust data sharing and especially to detect ID and authority with the purpose of securing my personal data.

Data Owner’s or the Applicant’s (who apply instead of the data owner):

Name and Surname:

Date of the Application:





• Scope of the Right to Apply

As data owner you have the right to request further information on subjects stated below by applying to us under the scope of 11th article of Protection of Personal Data Law no. 6698:

  1. To find out if your personal data is being processed or not
  2. Requesting information if your personal data is being processed
  3. To find out the purpose of processing your personal data and if this data is being used in line with its purpose
  4. To know about the third parties both overseas and upcountry
  5. Asking for correction if your data is processed wrong or deficiently and asking for informing third parties which your data is being transferred
  6. Asking your personal data to be deleted, destroyed or anonymized in case of reasons to be invalid regarding the processing, even though it is processed in accordance with PPD Law and other related law enforcement and asking this transaction to be known by third parties which your data is being transferred to.
  7. Rejecting the result against your expectation which is deriving from the analysis of the processed data by automatic systems.
  8. Requesting your loss to be paid in the case of illegal processing of your personal data.

• Scope of the Right to Apply

In line with the 28th article of PPD Law, because that reasons stated below are out of scope of the PPD Law, data owners have no right to reject in the cases stated below:

  1. Processing of personal data under the scope of art, history, literature, scientific researches or freedom of speech as long as it does not constitute a crime or does not threat national defense, national security, public security, public order, economic security, the privacy of personal life or personal rights.
  2. Processing of personal data in order to use it for research, planning, and statistics with the condition of anonymizing with official statistics.
  3. Processing of personal data for the preventive, protective and informative activities which are conducted by public institutions and organizations which are given mission and authorization by the law, for the purpose of providing national defense, national security, public security, public order, and economic security.
  4. Protection of personal data by judicial and enforcement authorities due to investigations, prosecutions or executions.

As a condition of PPD Law’s 28/2nd article, except for asking loss to be recovered, data owners will not have right to reject in the cases stated below:

  1. When processing of personal data is required to prevent a crime to be committed or when it is necessary for a crime investigation
  2. When data is declared to public by the owner
  3. When processing of personal data is required for the inspection and regulation activities or for disciplinary proceeding and prosecution by the public institutions and organizations and by occupational organizations which have the qualifications of public institutions, in terms of authority which is provided law for them.
  4. When processing of personal data is required to protect government’s economic and financial benefits related to subjects such as budget and taxes.


In accordance with 13rd article of PPD Law, in the case which personal data owners transmit their requests to us regarding processing of their personal data as written (with electronic or wet-ink signature) or as a different method stated by Protection of Personal Data Board, as data responsible we finalize them as soon as possible depending on the content of the request and in 30 days to the latest.

In the purpose of providing security of the data, we can request further information from applicant to determine if the applicant is the true owner of the data. Hence, we can ask questions to data owner regarding his/her application to provide finalization of the application of personal data owner’s request properly.