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As Ebebek Mağazacılık A.Ş., we strongly value the protection of the privacy and security of our customers’, members’ and our website/mobile application’s (“Web Site and Mobile Application”) visitors’ personal data which is requested during your online shopping on our website ( or during your membership processes under our Ebebek Bebeveyn Sadakat Merkezi (royalty center)

Within the scope of Turkish Data Protection Law (‘’DPL’’) numbered 6698, we take all necessary technical and administrative measures in order to ensure the processing and protecting personal data, which is belong to all real persons in relation with Ebebek. In this regard, the personal data you shared with our Company during the services provided on Bebeveyn Sadakat Merkezi on our website/application and in our stores are being processed in accordance with the DPL and other relevant legislation in the conditions stated below.

Under the scope of the DPL, real persons whose personal data is being processed shall request to be informed about what personal data that Ebebek collects as the data controller, the purposes of data processing, the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred, the methods and legal bases of collection of your personal data, and your rights regarding such personal data through reviewing hereby Privacy notice.


Thereunder the DPL, ‘’processing of personal data” means any operation which is performed on personal data such as collection, recording, storage, retention, alteration, re-organisation, disclosure, transferring, making available, classification, preventing the use thereof, fully or partially through automatic means or through non-automatic means only for the process which is a part of any data registry system.


Types of your personal data which is processed by Ebebek are described below.


  and Member Information

  and Auditory Information


  and Member Process Information

  Personal Data



  - Complaint Management Information

  Security Information

  Space Security Information

  Transaction Information

  Management Information

  Management Information


  and Inspection Information


Your personal data and information you shared through our stores, call-center, website and mobile application or via e-mail, SMS and other ways are being stored on our social media accounts, digital platforms, applications, softwires and mobile communication channels on verbal, written or electronically through different tools such as technical communication files named as “cookies” which is to recognize you automatically during your visit at our website.

You can find our detailed description and further information about the way of collecting your personal data by our Company by accessing the document named as ’Policy on Processing and Protection of Personal Data, Privacy Policy, Data Security Policy and Cookie Policy’’ within “Corporate’page at

Purposes of Processing Personal Data

Your personal data shall be processed by Ebebek in accordance with fundamental principles, and legal bases and purposes of processing the personal data regulated under article 5 and 6 of DPL for the purposes listed below.

  • Conducting inside operations and company activities, providing security for company’s operations, conducting required actions in order to maintain effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy analysis of company activities,
  • Improving Ebebek Website and Mobile Application for easy use,
  • Ensuring business continuity, and planning and fulfilment of management and maintenance activities,
  • Planning and fulfilment of corporate communication,
  • Conducting activities with legal, technical and executive consequences, and informing institutions authorized by law due to the legislation, conducting legal affairs and processes related to legal requests,
  • Keeping data accurate and up to date, collecting data subject’s complaint, query, request and advises, their interpretation and answering them,
  • Planning and execution of processes regarding customer relations management, planning and/or execution of customer satisfaction activities,
  • Fulfilment of the contracts with customers and members,
  • Recognizing our members and improving our communication,
  • Conducting traffic computation, statistical and analytical analysis, studies of profiling/segmentation for sales and marketing activities,
  • Providing customized opportunities for the products and services through targeting and re-targeting,
  • Providing better and secure service to customers, developing more suitable services and products and sustaining their maintenance,
  • Suggesting products and services of Ebebek by customizing customer’s likes, habits of use and needs,
  • Preparation and presentation of different kinds of reports, researches and/or presentations,
  • Management of social media accounts and Website and Mobile Application,
  • Conducting Bebeveyn Royalty Center’s services,
  • Fulfilment the obligations within the scope of the Consumer Protection Law, Law of Regulation of Retail Trade and other relevant law, through our Company and our stores, call-center, our affiliated companies or our website and social media accounts and through every channel without being limited with these on behalf of our company,
  • Conducting marketing and sales activities, developing and/or improving commitment for the products and services that company offers, conducting market research activities for the sale and marketing of the products and services,
  • Proving high-quality service for our customers, offering new advantages and informing them regarding sales, marketing, teaching, new promotions, campaigns and campaigns’ conditions, and conducting customer satisfaction researches and surveys, fastening the buying process, receiving your orders and delivering them.

You can find our detailed description and further information regarding the purposes of processing your personal data by accessing our Policy on Processing and Protection of Personal Data within “‘’Corporate” page at

Transfer of Your Personal Data

Your personal data is being collected through different means in order to conduct Ebebek activities, in accordance with the legislation and legal bases of ensuring the compliance with Ebebek policies. In accordance with basic principles which is stated in the DPL and within the scope of legal bases and purposes of processing the personal data stated in Article 8 and 9 of the DPL, Ebebek shall transfer your personal data, within the scope of the purposes aforementioned above, to Ebebek’s shareholders, business partners, suppliers, subsidiaries, enterprises, Ebebek’s representatives, service providers and/or subcontractors and its affiliated companies, shipping companies, bank and payment organizations, GSM operators, social media accounts and every person that Ebebek offers to transfer its rights and/or duties, public organizations and institutions and private entities authorized by law.


Ebebek believes that explicit consent is one of the most important privacy principles. You have the right not to share your personal data with us or anonymize your present personal data with the help of “Anonymize My Information” option on your membership page under the section of “Personal Information”. However, in that case you will not be able to participate to some parts of our website or benefit from Ebebek Bebeveyn Royalty Center’s services such as answering your requests quickly with the member identification system or changing your product without your bill. Thanks to the “optout” mechanism we offer to you, you will not receive any types of communication from our side or further service unless you click on the box representing your explicit consent which is on our log in page with the aim of taking part in e-mail distribution, voice call and other services. Your explicit consent shall be verified before we provide you the service requested from us for certain communication and services. If you want to end to these communications and services that is provided by us, you can do it by changing your preference that you previously created on our website, you can do it by clicking the link which is to cancel membership on every e-mail that we sent for some services and distributions and/or you can send a message to the number stated in the SMS text we sent to you.


Cookies are the signs of information that your browser send via our Website and Mobile Application and these can only be used when you enter our Website or Mobile Application. We add cookies including special identifiers to your browsers in order to understand the use of our website and application better. By doing so, we can understand the preferences of users on our Website and Mobile Application (such as considering the number of visitors of a page). Even though cookies do not include personal data in general, your personal data can be associated in the event of that you provide us some information about yourself.

Only Ebebek shall use these cookies we put, Ebebek shall notreach to other parties’ cookies and cannot read them. Besides, Ebebek shall also use cookies collectively to watch circulation and traffic tendencies on the website. This collective and anonymous information will provide us some opportunities to improve the content of our Website and Mobile Application and can be shared with the partners and third parties.

If you are a registered user on our Website or Mobile Application (in order words; if you are a ‘’Member’’), Ebebek shall send to you a cookie which is kept by your browser and which includes your definers. This kind of cookie is used for defining you and helps you to reach to special areas which are only for registered users such as viewing and managing your account.

If you just want to take a glance, you do not have to accept the cookies coming from our Website and Mobile Application. However, if you decided to register and reach to special areas of our Website and Mobile Application, yet you set your browser to reject cookies, then you should rearrange it in a way that it will accept the cookies that Ebebek sent so that the service we provide will not fail.

Pixel Tags

In addition to cookies, our Website and Mobile Application can also use ‘’pixel tags’’ in order to measure the activity and the traffic on our Website and Mobile Application. A pixel tag is kind of a website graphic and it is usually invisible due to its size in 1x1 pixel. These tags follow the number of users that visit our Website or Mobile Application and track their trip. For instance, we can use this tag when we want to calculate statistically the number of visits of our members per page who use our Website and Mobile Application.

Pixel tags technology is not used to collect any personal data.

Sometimes we put pixel tags to e-mails we sent in HTML format (or to ones that are sent on behalf of our name) to detect which e-mails are opened and to determine if any act is done regarding those e-mails. You can turn some pixel tags off by cancelling its related cookie.

IP Addresses

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a number which is usually your internet service provider assigns to your device automatically when you connect to internet. Just as other websites, Ebebek collects IP addresses to analyse the number of visitors and website using information collectively. Your IP address does not have any relation with the personal data you shared. Yet, in accordance with interpretation requirements, Ebebek reserves the right of using IP addresses in order to detect individuals who cause threat to our Website, Mobile Application, services or customers, members or visitors of the Website and Mobile Application.


“Clickstream” or “clickstream data” reflects the websites that user visit and most importantly, it shows the state providing pass from one website to another or the traffic schema. Ebebek tracks this information only inside the Website and Mobile Application and does not track the clickstream actions especially outside of Ebebek pages.

Clickstream data does not include and reveal any personal data which is belong to user. In addition, we do not compare such datas to the personal data that you provide

You can find our detailed description and further information about the way of collecting your personal data by our Company by accessing the document named as ‘’Privacy on Processing and Protection of Personal Data, Privacy Policy, Data Security Policy and Cookie Policy’’ within ‘’Corporate’’ page at

Your Rights as the Data Subject under the Scope of Data Protection Law (DPL)

Pursuant to Article 11 of the DPL, we would like to state that you have the following rights. As the data subject, you are entitled to:

  • Learn whether or not your data is being processed,
  • Request further information if your personal data is processed,
  • Learn the purposes of processing your personal data and whether your personal data is being used in accordance with those purposes,
  • Know the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred within the country or abroad,
  • Request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, and request to be informed third parties to whom your personal data is transferred regarding the operation carried out in this context,
  • Request the erasure or destruction of your personal data, if the reasons requiring data processing no longer exist, and request to be informed third parties to whom your personal data is transferred regarding the operation carried out in this context, even if your personal data is processed in accordance with the Law and other relevant provisions,
  • Object to the processing, exclusively by automatic means of your personal data, which leads to an unfavourable consequence for you as the data subject,
  • Request the compensation for the damage arising from unlawful processing of your personal data

You can send your applications to our Company regarding your rights stated above by filling the “Ebebek Mağazacılık Anonim Şirketi Data Subject Request Form” which can be found on “Corporate” page at Your application in this regard shall be concluded at the earliest depending on the qualification of your request or within 30 days at least and free for charge. However, if such operation requires additional cost, you may be charged with a fee depending on the price list which shall be determined by the Data Protection Board.