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Campaign and Discounts

Campaigns and Discount Conditions

In our stores and on the website of, the campaigns have certain conditions. The conditions set for the campaign are found in the campaign terms section of the relevant campaign page and our help pages.

You can get detailed information about campaigns and discounted products from our stores or from our customer support representative on 0 216 325 11 11. To reach us by e-mail, you must fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

Campaigns are valid under the following conditions unless otherwise stated on the campaign pages:
• The products included in the campaign are limited to inventories. With the depletion of stocks allocated to the campaign, the campaign is automatically terminated.
• Purchase limit is applied to the products within the campaign.
• There is a membership-based restriction on the use of campaigns and promotions.
• Campaigns and promotions cannot be combined with other campaigns and promotions.
• Discounted products are not included in the campaigns unless otherwise stated. Discount items in your shopping cart and invoice are not included in the campaign calculation.
• Promotion is not applied for purchases made with Gift Cards.
• If the campaign has been applied and the products have been discounted, the gift voucher obtained in case of return of one or more of these products is reflected to the related products in the discount rate in the invoice and the return of the product is realized accordingly.
• The product is sold at the campaign price as much as the number of stocks announced in inventory-limited campaigns.
• For buy 3 pay 2, buy 2 pay 1, and similar campaigns, the product with the lowest price on that invoice is deducted from the basket total.
• In the 2nd (%) discount promotions, discount is applied to the cheapest priced product included in the promotion on your cart.
• The products that are given or discounted should be brought to the safe with the necessary product in our stores, and should be added to the cart on our website (For example: Y product gift campaign to the product X;You must bring product X and product Y to the cash register or add it to your cart on the website at the same payment).
• ebebek is not responsible for typographical errors in ebebek, visual material, advertising, brochures and advertisements.
• ebebek reserves the right to make changes to the announced campaign terms.

Check varieties:
Gift Voucher (Discount Checks)

The checks you have won in the campaigns that will be carried out in ebebek are produced with the name gift voucher. The codes of these checks should be used in the cart page on our website and in the stores they should be delivered to the cashiers in the safes. The terms of use of gift vouchers are 30 days from the date of acquisition unless otherwise specified. At the end of this period, gift vouchers will automatically lose their validity.

Money Checks

Checks that are given with the note of expenses during your return transactions and are providing another shopping right at the same price are generated under the title 'money check". These checks are generated at the amount of the invoice total of your returned products and delivered to you. Term of use of these checks is 1.5 years as of the date of return. At the end of this term, the money checks are not valid anymore.

Gift Cards

In our stores, various amounts of gift cards are sold. You can give gift cards to your acquaintances, relatives and loved ones by paying as much as you want, and you can give them the opportunity of shopping at ebebek stores. You can find detailed information about Gift Cards from ebebek stores or from +90 0216 325 11 11.