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Campaign and Discounts

The campaigns on our stores and internet site hold certain conditions. The specific provisions for the campaign can be accessed from the relevant campaign page as well as from our assistance pages.

For detailed information on our campaigns and promotions you can personally contact our babyologsin our stores or call our Parent Loyalty Center executive from +90 0216 325 11 11 In order to send us an e-mail you need to fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

The following conditions hold for the campaigns unless stated otherwise on the campaign pages.

The products within the campaign are limited with stocks. Campaign automatically ends when the stocks for the campaign are sold out

There is purchase quota for products within the campaign.

Membership based limitations are applied to benefiting from campaigns and promotions.

Campaigns and promotions cannot be COMBINED with other campaigns and promotions.

Products on sale are not included in the campaign unless stated otherwise. Within your shopping chart and receipt, products on sale are not included in the campaign calculations.

Promotions are not applied to the receipts that are paid with Gift Certificates (Promotions are not applied to purchases with Gift Certificates and Vouchers.)

If there is a campaign and one or more products are on sale, than at the instance that the customer would like to return one or more of these products the gained gift certificate would also be returned based on the ratio of the price of the returned product to the total order.

In campaigns with limited stocks, the declared number of products are sold from the reduced price.

In “Buy 3, pay 2”, “Buy 2, pay 1” and similar campaigns the product with the lowest price is deducted from the basket total. span>

In *% reduction to the 2nd product campaigns the promotion is applied to the lowest product in your basket.

The free product or the product on sale should be brought to check out in the stores along with the conditional product. On the website they should be added to the order together. (For example: Y is free when you buy X kind of a campaign you need to bring both X and Y to the checkout in stores. And for the website you need to add both of the products to your order.)

ebebek cannot be held responsible from the misspellings in visual materials, advertisements and brochures.

ebebek preserves its right to change the conditions of the advertised campaign.

Gift Certificates

The vouchers you gain by your purchases on ebebek are issued as “gift certificates”. The codes on these certificates can be used on the order page on the website and should be presented to the cashiers in the stores. Unless stated otherwise the gift certificates are valid for 30 days after they are issued. At the end of this period, the certificates automatically becomes invalid.

Money Card

The certificates that are issued during your returns with a note of expense that allow you to shop for the same amount are issued under the name of “money certificate”. These certificates are issued for the total amount that you have returned. These certificates are valid for 1,5 years after they have been issued. At the end of this period, they become invalid.