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Ethical Rules

Ethical Rules:

About ebebek:

"ebebek is a website and a chain of stores which meet all the needs of the mother and the baby, throughout the process starting from the pre-birth to the age of 4. This is done with quality products, genial staff, high service standards, affordable prices, unlimited information and an after sales support for 24 hours a day.”

About Babyology:

Babyology is the business philosophy, manifesto of ebebek. ebebek; defines all the family members who always want the best for the baby, who search the best for during shopping, who is meticulous, careful and sensitive as B-parent.

Babyologist is an ebebek representative who takes care of you and your baby from the moment you enter an ebebek, who informs you when you need it, and who you can trust with all your necessities. The babyologist is specially trained, equipped, knowledgeable, caring and attentive in this regard.