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For your baby's health, we check the expiration dates of all food and food products sold, we do not bring you products that are less than 2 months before the expiry date.


Aylin İLHAN  3 ay erkek bebeği var

Bebeğim 4 aylık 2. Ayından beri holle mama kullanıyoruz. Kolik bir bebek ve 9 ayrı mama denedik sadece sadece holleyi rahat içebiliyor ve doyurucu bir mama şişirmiyorda üatelik ayda 800 gr 1 kilo arası kila alımı oluyor

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Ingredients (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Vitamin, Mineral etc.) in infant formula must be within the lower and upper limits determined by the Codex. They are produced and marketed to these standards all over the world. That's why you can make a difference with the quality of milk. Holle uses biodynamic milk, Demeter certified.


Human beings have to be fed in order to survive, and based on the necessity of continuing agricultural activities, it aims to find new ways for more production, and it is aimed to produce more by using more chemicals and fertilizers with conventional production methods called "Green Revolution". However, the increase in production has unfortunately not brought about an increase in quality at the current point. In people fed with food produced in this way, some allergic reactions, diseases and problems in their immune systems have occurred, and soil-water pollution due to overprocessing has also started to cause many environmental problems.

In 1924, Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, pedogog, architect, artist, natural science expert and founder of anthroposophy (esotoric science), observed in his observations that the taste of foodstuffs deteriorated day by day, the quality of seeds deteriorated, and agriculture with existing methods of application for a long time in a healthy way for humanity. He prepared an eight-class training program for sustainable agriculture, shared biodynamic agriculture practices by raising the awareness of farmers, and four years later in 1928, he formed the foundations of Demeter with the cooperative he established to gather these farmers under one roof. Today, Demeter International, with its 52 member countries, is an international certification that continues to work without compromise in order to offer the world biodynamic products with much higher standards than organic production.

Demeter certificate is only given to products produced from farms with Biodynamic agriculture.

Biodynamic agriculture is one of the oldest approaches to organic farming and is the most sustainable farming method. First of all, every biodynamic product is also organic. However, not every organic product is considered a biodynamic product. Biodynamic agriculture is subject to stricter rules than organic agriculture and requires the use of some special preparations in order to add vitality and dynamism by increasing the energy density in the soil and the plant. All of these preparations used in very small doses are obtained by digesting from nature and contain no chemical or synthetic additives. In order to benefit from biodynamic preparations, the application time and technique should be well known. The prominent differences of biodynamic agriculture when compared with organic are as follows:

  • Each biodynamic farm works like a self-sufficient, sustainability-based small ecosystem.
  • Every biodynamic farm aims to be self-sufficient in compost, fertilizer and animal feed.
  • It is aimed to keep external inputs at a minimum level, if it is necessary, priority is taken from another biodynamic farm, if not found, from an organic farm, but when the predetermined periods are completed according to the type of input, they are evaluated biodynamically.
  • Compost is prepared with special plant-based preparations, and product quality is improved with preparations containing natural fertilizers and quartz minerals. Growing processes in the farm are specifically supported by these biodynamic preparations, thereby improving the quality of the plants in their ripening period and ultimately achieving the highest food quality for humans and animals.
  • Ecological diversity is the goal in biodynamic agriculture, a single type of production is not made. It is a common practice to produce one type of product in organic production, diversity (fruit-vegetable-grain cultivation and animal husbandry all together) is essential for sustainability in the biodynamic farm.
  • In biodynamic agriculture, all production must be biodynamic production. With partial transformation in organic production, both ecological and traditional production are allowed.

Biodynamic farms work on a system in which livestock breeding is carried out together with agriculture. While animal husbandry is not required in the EU organic regulation, animal husbandry is mandatory for agricultural operations in biodynamic farms, the number of cattle, ovine and poultry to be raised per hectare is determined with lower and upper limits. It is essential to provide the conditions necessary for the animals to survive in the natural environment. Landing in pasture or open air, stockbreeding taking into account the characteristics of the species, proper feeding with the feed produced on the farm and natural reproduction are the basis of animal husbandry in biodynamic farms.

In order for these products from biodynamic production to be certified, at least 90% of their content must be in Demeter standards. In other words; 100% of the content of Demeter certified products are organic, at least 90% of them are components in Demeter criteria.

Cattle raised in biodynamic farms are not dehorned, unlike the common practice of standard dairy farms.

Demeter cattle retain their horns because horns are an important sensation and communication organ for animals, as well as having a major influence on digestion, metabolism and immunity. It has been observed that horned animals are fed by selecting high nutritional herbs in pastures. For these reasons, it is not desirable for the animals to get stressed and the milk quality to decrease. Growing conditions may also need to be adjusted accordingly. The amount of ruminant animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and horses that need to be housed in order to protect and improve soil fertility in the cultivated farms were determined by the number per hectare by species. The animals should be fed with 100% organic feeds in accordance with Demeter standards, at least 2/3 of the annual consumption with feeds produced within the biodynamic farm. Conventional feeds are not allowed. 100% organic-biodynamic milk obtained from animals raised without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics has high nutritional value, delicious and easy to digest structure, and has low allergenicity.


Breast milk is the most natural and beneficial food for your baby. It meets all the nutritional and vitamin needs of your baby. In addition, the intense contact of the baby during breastfeeding promotes his sense of harmony and peace. For this reason, WHO and Holle Baby Food recommend breastfeeding for the first 6 months. We recommend that you consult your doctor, midwife, nurse or healthcare professional about the importance of breast milk. Holle Organic Baby Milk is a product that should be used only when breastfeeding is not possible and upon the recommendation of an authorized healthcare professional. Do not give your baby the bottle as a means of pleasure in order to prevent any damage to the teeth. Pay special attention to dental hygiene since your baby's first tooth comes out.

  • 85 Years of Experience
  • Premium Organic Baby Milk
  • "Demeter Certified" highest organic quality from biodynamic farms
  • 100% Natural
  • Maximum Food Safety
  • Easy Digestion
  • Ideal Weight Gain
  • "Healthy and Peaceful" Babies

It is baby milk that can be used from birth until the end of the 6th month, in consultation with your doctor, in cases where breast milk cannot be given or is insufficient.

If your doctor does not have a different recommendation, you can switch to Holle Organic Follow-on Milk 2 after the 6th month.

Holle Baby Food is committed to providing products of the same quality from the first day to the future, in all production stages with the principle of sustainability from the beginning with its 82 different product range.

Holle Baby Food is the only "Demeter" certified baby milk in the world, which is given to products that fulfill the "Biodynamic" production criteria that are bound to much stricter rules than the organic criteria besides the Organic certificate.

Every Biodynamic product is also organic. However, not every organic product is a Biodynamic product.

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Brand Holle
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Origin Germany

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