• All our products are under the guarantee of the importer or the manufacturer. ( 2 years )
You can return your defective product with the invoice or warranty certificate.
  • For Turkey.
    • For the brands imported by ebebek (Recaro, Nuna, Joie, Baby & Plus, Römer), technical service is provided within our company.
    • You can leave the product you buy from the store to our store for technical service.
    • You can leave the product you buy on the internet to a store of your choice or send it to our central warehouse with UPS cargo.
    For Other Countries.
    • You can send the product you buy on the internet to our central warehouse with UPS cargo.
    For Turkey
    • Repairs of Arzum, Beko, Arçelik, Braun and Philips Avent products are made by authorized service centers.
    • You can deliver the products of these brands to the nearest authorized technical service along with the invoice.
    • For the Weweell brand, the customer must call the customer service line 0212 465 79 01 to register. Your service process is managed with the relevant call.
    For Other Countries
    • You can send the product you buy on the internet to our central warehouse with UPS cargo.
    • Turkish law shall be applied to the distance sales contract between ebebek and the consumer regarding overseas deliveries.
    • Warranty and Returns Terms of the Republic of Turkey is determined in accordance with regulations and provisions.
    • In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and abroad, all the taxes of the product are paid by the consumer as VAT is not paid by the consumers. Again, the shipping fee will be covered by the consumer in the overseas and TRNC shipments.
    • For the products that are not received from customs, the consumer does not have the right of withdrawal.
    • The consumer is obliged to properly return the product he abandoned and to compensate the loss in the commercial value of the goods due to the use.
    • The consumer must send the products with the original invoice and put the invoice in the package. Returns sent without invoices cannot be accepted.
    • The return form and the reason for the return must be filled in completely and carefully. For products that are claimed to be defective, return or exchange preference must be stated on the return form.
    • If the product to be returned has not been used, the product has not been damaged or the package of the product has not been damaged.
    • Cargo charge and customs and additional taxes due to the return of the product are the responsibility of the consumer.
    • The return product is first examined by the After Sales Service within 3 days and the return process is started if it meets the conditions stated above.
    • It may take a few days for your product to be returned to your credit card for reasons caused by your bank. If you do not receive your return, please contact us at www.ebebek.com or by e-mail at 0216 325 11 11.
    • Products in the Toy / Book category are not covered by the warranty.