Product Details

Product Details:

  • New Generation Rapid Sterilization Effective in 3 Minutes
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria without water or microwave!
  • New generation fast sterilization in 3 minutes: easy and effective sterilization with UVC LED technology.
  • Intelligent Drying: Temperature and timing control depending on environmental conditions.
  • Sterile Storage / Permanent Temperature Control: Permanent temperature controlled sterilized storage for cool and bacteria-free environment.
  • 360 ° Coverage: 5-way wide sterilization and base reflection.
  • Effective against bad odors: UVC rays are effective in odors that cannot be removed by washing (do not affect the original odors of objects).
  • Sterilization for Water and Food: Ozone and mercury-free water and food sterilization. (Storage container is required and not to maintain the freshness of food.)
  • Portable Design: Ideal for outdoor use at home.
  • Multi-Purpose Use: Bottles, cups, toothbrushes, napkins, dinnerware teats, etc. Suitable for use in
  • Product Name: UVC LED Sterilization Box
  • Dimensions: 302x269x154 mm
  • Model Number: T5
  • Sterilization Time: 3 minutes
  • Sterilization Method: UVC
  • UV Beam Wavelength: 260 nm-280 nm
  • Why UVC LED Sterilization Box?

    The UVC LED Sterilization Box is a great gift for expectant mothers. As a professional technology, UVC sterilization kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs by destroying their DNA and RNA. Sterilize bottles and similar items quickly and effectively for healthy growth of your baby. With its portable design, you can easily carry it on the go and use it whenever you need it.

    How effective is UVC LED sterilization?

    UVC sterilization is a professional technology that kills bacteria and germs by destroying their DNA and RNA. There are many heat resistant bacteria such as mad cow virus, cold resistant like bird flu virus, and drug resistant bacteria like super bacteria. No UV-resistant bacteria have yet been found. UVC sterilization is widely used in hospitals in sterilization cabinets and devices.

    General Features
    Stock code T5-001
    Origin Japan

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